J. Shoes Andrew Brogue Boot

I need a pair of summer boots and these are looking like a winner.

Britney Spears - "Till The World Ends"

Hate all you want to, this is a banger.

In the words of Ms. Funai, a legend in her own right, "B has a house with 12 rooms in it, and 6 of them are full of wigs that she snatched off of haters.  Legend."

Love it.


Death Cab For Cutie - "You Are A Tourist"

Death Cab For Cutie released their newest single, "You Are A Tourist", last month and told us to expect something different from them with this new album.  Keeping in that same vein, DCFC announced that the video for their newest video would be filmed in one take and it would be broadcast live while it was filmed.  Check the video below.

I'm not sure how to feel about this new album.  I'm a huge fan of Ben's writing, with his love of the extremes and upbeat sadness.  The uncertainty comes from the fact that BG isn't really sad anymore.  For those unaware, he's married my personal crush object Zooey Deschanel since the release of their last album (don't worry, I've already worked through the pain), so he has absolutely nothing to be depressed about.  Here's how Sad Ben felt about marital bliss before:

"You said your vows and you closed the door on so many men who would have loved you more"

Amen to that.

We won't know for sure if he can still muster those emotions until Codes And Keys is released on May 30, but here's to hoping for the best.
I know my posts have gotten very infrequent, but it's just because I'm trying to force myself to get a social life, so I don't have as much free time.  I haven't given up on the two of you who actually care a little (I'm an optimist), just bear with me.



Cole Haan Air Colton Saddle

This is what Spring is about, folks.

True beauty lies in the details.


Katharine Ross

I just watched "The Graduate" recently and couldn't stop thinking about what a special look Katharine Ross had.  Something about her looks so...sweet.  Almost chaste.

And it's not just her.  If you watch a movie from the era, there were a lot of girls with that indescribable saccharin look.  I feel like you don't see that anymore.

Sean Connery

Classic Swag.


Timberland Earthkeepers City Boot

As a rule, I typically try to avoid Timberland boots entirely because, growing up in the inner city, I've had my fill, but these are kinda fresh.

via Urban Outfitters